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John Travolta may be converting Lindsay Lohan to Scientology

As soon as Lindsay Lohan was cast in Gotti: Three Generations with John Travolta, you knew it was only a matter of time before this story came out: She's reportedly considering becoming a Scientologist. Of course she is.

In a story widely attributed to the National Enquirer (but conspicuously absent from their website), the 57-year-old actor has promised to take care of Lindsay, which, in this case, means converting her to the Clearwater-based religion.

"Even though producers were hesitant to hire Lindsay because of her troubled past," the ever-present unnamed source says. "Travolta assured them he'd take her under his wing. He feels confident he'll be able to keep her on the straight and narrow -- now and forever." How ominous. But LiLo apparently says she's all for it, if it'll keep her working.

"John introduced Lindsay to one of the church's top counselors and even though she's been cast in a new role and won't play the star's daughter in the flick, she's assured him she'll still attend the series of induction classes that will make her a Scientologist," the source claims.

We don't think it quite works like that, but what difference does it make? Even if this yarn turns out to be true, she'll deny it, anyway. Besides, the controversy keeps her name in backwater gossip outlets like The Juice*.

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