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Senate agrees to cut further cut to unemployment benefits

The deal caps the maxixum state benefit at 23 weeks, down from 26. The bill moves back to the House after a slight change.

The House is expected to sign off and send the deal to Gov. Rick Scott.

The controversial deal cuts unemployment benefits for jobless Floridians to help pay for a business tax cut. The change would not alter the maximum payment of $275 per week, but limits how long the unemployed would receive that money. Depending on the unemployment rate, the number of weeks would rise and fall between a high of 23 weeks and a low of 12.

Sen. Nancy Detert, R-Venice, held out to stop cutting the weeks but ultimately relented. "Some of you wanted to cut the weeks anyway, so that will make you happy," Detert told her colleagues, before the 27-11 partisan vote on HB 7005.