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Here's an email Pinellas deputy superintendent Jim Madden sent to principals and others this morning. Includes info about budget cuts and reappointments of first- and second-year teachers on annual contract.

Subject: Re: Talking Points

As you share the five points, please stress to your staff that we continue to work on areas of expenditure reductions that will reduce the cumulative impact on the salary and benefits of any single employee group. Many of the areas in the proposed reductions still need to be bargained.

The five points are consistent with what we should all be telling our stakeholders. The harsh reality is that the five points listed in Dr. Ciranna's message to administrators yesterday paint a very accurate picture of what we are facing as a district.

Thanks for all that you do...

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On May 5, 2011, at 5:40 PM, "Lusher Marilyn" > wrote:

Good Afternoon:

Here are the bullet points from Ron Ciranna's message at the SA& A meeting this morning. I have also included the talking points from this afternoon's level meetings. As soon as the letters are finalized, I will send you copies. Hope this is helpful to you. Please e-mail any questions that you may have to the appropriate director so that we can address them and include the answers in the FAQ which we are preparing.

Thank you for your assistance and support.



From Mr. Ciranna:

Everyone needs to understand that in order to balance the budget there is a combination of events that must occur:

1. We will not be providing the level of services and programs that we have in the past;

2. All employees will be hit with a 3% retirement contribution;

3. All employees will be hit with unpaid leave days;

4. All employees will be hit with more health care costs; and

5. All employees will be impacted by a new staffing allocation model to right-size the District.

From the level Meetings:

Rationale for Action: Due to changes in legislation which could affect class size and budget uncertainties, we are DELAYING the reappointment of first and second year annual contract teachers in order to understand and determine staffing needs. The district hopes to reappoint as many teachers as possible throughout the summer.

'The following are issues that must be determined/resolved in order to proceed:

Identify involuntaries / determine certification and credentials

Identify vacancies

Finalize staffing model/staffing needs

Identify any further necessary steps based on final board action regarding budget

'Based on the data and information at hand, we will then begin to consider any special cause situations in the following sequence:

Staff and resolve vacancies at the schools covered by the Stipulation of Agreement;

Resolve unique teaching situations that may involve a special skill set, advanced training, etc (ex. IB, Magnet, EXCEL, AVID, AP course, etc. ( These must be discussed with the appropriate director and have strong rationale). Please be aware that not all rationale and issues will be approved /and or resolved prior to the placement fair.

'To keep the process fair and equitable, all schools ( STIP Schools may participate if they wish) must bring ALL vacancies to the Placement Fair.

This will be held on June 21st. Personnel will be contacting you, as the time approaches, to finalize vacancies, etc. Teachers will receive further information regarding the Placement Fair and the process prior to the end of the school year.

' You will be receiving the non-reappoint letters in the pony, along with a checklist report.

It is extremely important that the teachers receive them asap and no later than may 12th. Annual contract teachers who are on leave will receive their letters via certified mail. Signed originals, along with the checklist report, are due back to the personnel by May 20th. Please retain copies of these for your records.

Please feel free to contact your director with any questions or concerns that you may have. Thank you, again, for your patience as we work through these processes.

Marlyn and Marilyn