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Casting vote aside is undemocratic - April 28 letter

This is in regards to the remarks about democracy and the letter writer's personal dissatisfaction and frustration with the Spring Hill Fire District. Like it or not, the people voted democratically for the Board of Fire Commissioners. Like it or not, they make decisions regarding the running of our district.

They worked in tandem with the county to come up with a possible solution to the Spring Hill Fire Rescue taxation predicament, democratically and unanimously.

A mere 7,000 out of 68,000 registered voters voted not to allow the fire district to collect taxes, although the county had been collecting the same taxes for Spring Hill for years. Two years prior, over 25,000 out of 68,000 registered voters voted democratically for independence. Unfortunately, the taxation language was not on the ballot.

I can understand the frustration in owning a luxurious home where the value has dropped two-thirds of what you paid and you feel stuck here in Spring Hill. But the beauty of democracy is that you don't have to live here, you don't have to spend your money here, you don't have to volunteer here, nor help your community here. So, democratically, you may pick the Realtor of your choice and democratically move.

Tracey Benson, Spring Hill

* * *

Appreciate the nurses this week

The theme of this year's National Nurses Week is "Nurses Trusted to Care," as designated by the American Nursing Association. This short statement couldn't summarize the field of nursing better. Trust and care are what our nurses give us when we are going through what typically turn out to be the most vulnerable times of our lives.

Our nurses wear many hats. They are healers, comforters, educators and studied medical practitioners. Their commitment to patient safety and medical accuracy make a significant difference in the success of our hospitals. We could not do it without them and in the rush of everyday life we should not lose sight of the magnitude of their duties.

During this week through May 12, we will have the chance to give our nurses the special recognition and thanks they deserve. Please join us in celebrating National Nurses Week. Think back to a time when you needed a nurse and then be grateful that person was there for you, thank any nurse you come across, reach out to those you know. It takes a special person to be a nurse. Many nurses say that their career choice is more than a job - it is a calling.

We trust that to be true and all of us at Spring Hill and Brooksville Regional Hospitals want to let our nurses know that we care greatly for them and appreciate their dedication and commitment to their patients and families.

Alex Contreras-Soto, CEO, Spring Hill Regional Hospital

Patrick Maloney, CEO, Brooksville Regional Hospital

* * *

Don't let it be the end of this photo

I, and I am sure so many others, ardently and fervently hope that following Commissioner Jeff Stabins' departure from county service, the present policy of running his photo on a daily basis will continue.

After all, few are more deserving of recognition in this public forum. Indeed, some days, as in the past, perhaps two photos could appear, thus truly maintaining the status quo. This would, of course, remind we, the county's "hoi polloi,'' of his long and diligent service. His smiling visage would be sorely missed, and who knows where our Hernando County will go if so deprived.

Jim Morrison, Spring Hill