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Here he goes again. Someone should step up and remind Bill Foster that he was elected as mayor of St. Petersburg, not as President for Life. The arrogance he has displayed by ordering a house demolished and then sticking the taxpayers with the bill for his actions, and now giving away a $147,000 tax break to the utility giant, Progress Energy, is without question the actions of a misguided individual.

We all make charitable contributions through the year, so according to Foster we should all be entitled to "tax forgiveness." It's enough that Progress Energy gets a giant tax break for every dollar of charity it doles out to what it considers ''worthy causes" like the $50,000 it gave to a Foster pet project - a sports alliance.

With the city cutting back on needed services and personnel, where does Foster get the gall to cut a "back-room deal" with Progress Energy?

Robert W. Schultz, St. Petersburg

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Red light cameras are a license to steal

Jesse James, Bonnie and Clyde, and Al Capone are alive and well in Gulfport.

I got a ticket in the mail for my car running a red light. A very clear photo left no doubt, and I am not disputing the occurrence.

However, I am instructed to send a check to Colorado for $158. An excessive amount for a minor first offense.

I cannot imagine the split and how many hands are out to split this pot of gold.

The aforementioned trio would be proud!

Richard Bosch, Gulfport