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My Outfit Monday: Motherly Love

Today's My Outfit Monday is extra special, because we've enlisted help from our moms. You don't learn to a be a Deal Diva without a little guidance along the way, and we're all very fortunate that we still have our moms in our lives. In honor of Mother's Day, we present the women who taught us to have style. Feel free to leave pictures of your stylish mamas on our Facebook!

Emily and Diva Mom Jackie

"I didn't realize how much I look like my mother until my stepdad took this photo of us last year. We were getting ready to go - surprise! - shopping in Orlando, where she lives. I'm wearing my most comfy sundress, which we actually bought together the previous year at a random sidewalk rack in Winter Park. She's wearing a bedazzled tank top of some sort, showing off her lovely shoulders, which as you can see, are the exact mirror image of mine. When I was a teenager, I was the worst kid to go shopping with, only wanting to wear black clothes and ugly sandals or Doc Martens. Thank goodness I grew out of that. My mom and I now make up for lost time by going on these amazing annual shopping sprees. I'm not ashamed to say that, at 34 years old, my mother still dresses me."

Kim and Diva Mom Yvette

"My mom is the epitome of natural beauty. Here we are cooking a picnic dinner at my parents' house last weekend. My pink shirt is Forever 21, paired with cutoff jorts. Mom's sporting her usual classic black tank top, which shows off her impressive guns. She doesn't need a lot of makeup or flashy accessories to look gorgeous. She's also one of the healthiest people I know -- a personal trainer and faithful vegan. She's taught me that if I stay in shape and treat my body right, I'll feel better about myself no matter what I'm wearing. Love you, Mom!"

Letitia and Diva Mom Sherry

"Oops... Mom and I didn't realize that we would be paying homage to the white T-shirt in this photo. My lovely husband must not have realized that I wanted him to photograph our skirts (mine flowy and peasant-like; Mom's a trusty jean number). For Mother's Day, we went to see RENT in the park in downtown St. Pete. But growing up, shopping was a fave mother-daughter activity, especially as I'm the only girl among four children. My mother taught me that if I could find it on sale, I could buy twice as much. And I used to always push her to buy something for herself on our jaunts, because then she would buy me more out of guilt!!!"

Steph and Diva Mom Mickie

"My mom has always been my shopping buddy. I remember walking through the mall in Ohio with her in the 1980s, discussing how electric mini dresses were fine, as long as you balanced it out with something flowy. These are the lessons that never leave. She knows my style so well that she just buys me clothes for Christmas. How many moms can do that? My mom recently lost 70 pounds (yes, 70!), so she's having fun shopping again. This year, I hosted a Mother's Day pizza party at my house, so we kept it casual. I'm in a massive silk tunic from Old Navy, leggings (not pants, as I learned via this Huffington Post infographic), and yellow rhinestone sandals. Mom's wearing the red bracelet I bought her for Mother's Day and a top from Dillard's. 'It was 40 percent off,' she said. 'I saw the sale on Deal Divas.' My, how life comes full circle."