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Why do we consumers find it so hard to get anything that we pay for?

All of us are finding it harder to get by all the time and at the same time the price of everything is going up. It would not be too bad if the quality and/or quantity was going up, too, but no.

Do you have cable? Do you have satellite? Doesn't matter; they are both going down in quality and quantity. If you like reality programs, paid programs, repeats or more repeats then you'll love what you've got. I don't and I hope I'm not alone.

Whatever happened to the so-called History Channel? I can imagine that at one time a history teacher may have found it a good source for his or her students. Not anymore. It's now The History Made Every Day Channel. They obviously don't know the definition of "history.''

To whom do you complain? Your provider will say it has no control over programming. The History, Discovery and Learning channels are no longer educational. None of them are interested in what you want unless you want to buy something.

What do we have to do to get what we pay for? I feel like canceling everything because I'm getting nothing.

Michael T. Lemen, New Port Richey

* * *

Honor heroes of EMS May 15-21

When asked to describe a hero, many words come to mind: adventurer, daredevil, conqueror, even an idol. But when asked to describe an everyday hero, different words come to mind: brave, selfless, caring, knowledgeable.

May 15-21 has been designated National EMS Week and the theme "Everyday Heroes" has been chosen to describe the lifesaving service they provide to our community. This annual event is focused on bringing together local communities and medical personnel to publicize safety and honor the dedication of our first responders.

Anyone who has ever had to dial 911 or be rushed to the emergency room with a life-threatening problem has firsthand knowledge of the skill and expertise our emergency medical services workers provide. In honor of the selfless work our EMS professionals give to all of us in Pasco County and on behalf of Pasco Regional Medical Center, we want to thank them for their service and dedication.

Please join the staff and administration from Pasco Regional Medical Center in celebrating and thanking our everyday heroes during this special recognition week.

Phil Minden, chief executive officer, Pasco Regional Medical Center

* * *

For the future, look to the past

We need to step a few years back to take a look at what we have done to our education system. Parents always want better than they had it and listen to the dreams of what any politician wants them to hear.

Why do we need so many assistant principals, and what is up with all the counselors? I was born and raised in Florida, and we had a principal, assistant principal, a boys' counselor and a girls' counselor and we did just fine. We also had a boys' physical education coach and a girls' coach and we had PE everyday.

We had one meal served at lunch, not a bunch to choose from. If your child didn't like it or was allergic, then you packed your lunch. My oldest goes to a high school that offers six different entrees a day.

Our classrooms had 30-plus students in them. We didn't have air conditioning either. We had windows and fans.

Schools are not a business. They are for kids to learn, and not just out of a book, but by what real life has to offer. I have yet to work a job that offers six different lunch choices, or your own personal manager, or limits itself to smaller work groups so you can have one-on-one attention.

If the government would stop and look at the fact it is at fault for letting it get so out of hand and look back on what worked then, it too would find ways to cut budgets and not destroy a child's education.

Jamie Van Beek, Holiday