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Who says you have to give up childhood treasures in high school?

Large oversized blocks in my undersized hand,

Duplo, my toy of choice since I could stand,

I built rolling cars and tall towers with clocks.

On my 5th birthday, I got an "age 5 and up" box,

When shaken, it shifts, rattles, clacks and clicks,

My paradise of plastic with new smaller sized bricks.

The label displays block lettered LEGO,

Years ahead of my infant-safe Duplo.

Onto spaceships, and subs with captain minifigs,

Lego rite of passage, toys for kids who've gotten big.

Aquainted myself with new Lego friends,

Bionicles and Rock Raiders ships I could easily mend.

Johnny Thunder, Space Police and The Alpha Team,

Depending on me to build their custom machines.

Prized pieces from ruby winged dragons with crystals to see through,

New sets add variety and supply to my Lego bin, beaucoup

Sets that light up, flap wings or neat minifig heads.

Empty the contents on top of my bed, my Lego thirst fed,

A ritual before building outer space stations,

Adding unique details to my constructed creations.

Through high school, love of Lego grows increasingly strong,

Adding trap doors, gears, and sounds that turn on.

Moving on to "Techniq" and Lego Star Wars,

Programming Lego Mindstorm commands levers and bars,

While architects use Lego for draft and design,

I'm honing my skills, I'm a "building Einstein."

Master builders created the official set,

Someday I'll give my kids my Legos, I bet.

First, will Legos come to college, suppose?

You're never too old to build with Legos.