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ALBUM REVIEW: The Cars, 'Move Like This" GRADE: B

Published May 16, 2011

The Cars

Album: Move Like This (Hear)

In stores: Now

Why we care: Sometimes evolution is overrated. Sometimes change stinks. Case in point: New Wave geeks the Cars, who will always make music for the summer of 1985 - even if it's 2011. On their first new album in 24 years, the Boston boys see no use in sounding current, so they don't: Greg Hawkes' keyboards still burble like randy computer sighs, Ric Ocasek still sings as if he's a snotty sales clerk at Chess King. The Cars may never get the call from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but there aren't too many bands more in tune with who they're supposed to be.

Why we like it: There's nothing like a good ol' synthesized handclap: tight, silly, irresistible. The Cars agree, and on new single Sad Song (LISTEN), they unload all the handclaps left over from the recording sessions for My Best Friend's Girl. Ocasek always sounded like a bored Goth kid, and that hasn't changed. But once again, it's Elliot Easton's guitar that gives the classically icy songs a streak of rock heat and authentic texture. If you're a fan of such careful Cars ballads as Since You're Gone and Drive, check out Soon, which has all the hope of a teenage dream.

Reminds us of: Missy Hansek, pool party, 1984, long story.

Download these: Blue Tip (LISTEN) and Sad Song

Grade: B

Posted by seandaly at 3:58:15 pm on May 13, 2011