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Why is Geronimo Bad Now? - May 10

It's not just the Onondagas speaking on behalf of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, and the Lakota nation, and nations of the Dineh, it is an Irish-American and former captain in both the Marine Corps and Special Forces who takes offense at a criminal terrorist and mass murderer being called "Geronimo." Osama Bin Laden would be just as dead had we called him Pope John Paul or Adolf Hitler, but to use the accepted name of an American Indian hero is just plain insensitive and boorish behavior. So what's in a name? Earned respect and historical decency. When I jumped out of aircraft, none of us displayed the ethnic stupidity shown by paratroopers during WWII by yelling out "Geronimo."

Perhaps the letter writer miffed at the first Americans being upset over the latest insult has forgotten that they have the highest rate of distinguished military service among our minorities, despite that. Semper fi.

Dan Callaghan, New Port Richey

* * *

Billionaire has say in FSU hiring - May 10

More diversity for FSU

Kudos to Charles Koch for partnering with Florida State University in the hiring of professors. Mr. Koch enters an arena of power.

These educators are the men and women who will potentially mold and influence the minds and choices of America's future. Time is past due for the foundations and donors who support our institutions of learning to take a more active role in this vital decision process.

With the status quo, we have universities that overrepresent liberal and secular viewpoints. Our young adults exist in a milieu with little to counterbalance those views. Students are deprived of experiencing the rich amalgam of varied ideas, which define America and that our universities purport to offer. As a result, we have a generation supporting government programs, which encourage less self-sufficiency and more dependency.

Higher education has been nurturing the seeds, which has helped to guide us into big government and the entitlement mentality. We need to infuse some balance into higher education, or there won't be anyone left pulling the wagon.

John Howie, Tampa

* * *

Abortion Legislation

Walk the walk, legislators

The Florida Legislature has taken it upon itself to judge and do harm to women who find themselves pregnant (oh, House Speaker Dean Cannon, can I say that word?) and are unable, for whatever unfortunate circumstances, to pay for the birth and nurture of a child. The intent of the Legislature to make access to abortion both more difficult and expensive clearly will result in babies born whose lives will be fraught with physical, emotional and financial hardships and who are almost certain to be afforded few positive options for the future. How shortsighted can these legislators be?

How many of these unfortunate newborns have been adopted and become part of the households of legislators? They certainly can afford it. I would venture a guess that there would be few, if any, Florida legislators who have taken such children into their families. Now would be a perfect time.

Joe Milberg, Tallahassee

* * *

Black achievement in schools

Community is to blame

As a Pinellas County taxpayer, I am tired of listening to the African-American groups crying that the school district is not doing enough for black students. All they ever do is ask: "What more are you going to do for us?" Where are these groups and their assistance to black students?

What the district needs to do is sue these groups and require them to provide tutors, mentors or black community leaders each and every day to work with those students who need the assistance. The African-American community absolutely has to step up and contribute to the strengthening of their sons' and daughters' education. If the parents and community will do nothing, it is not the fault of the school district.

Dave Cordes, Clearwater

* * *

Drug deal long overdue - May 12

Meaningful drug solution

Hallelujah. Florida now will finally have a comprehensive plan to control its long-standing epidemic of prescription drug abuse. The controls and penalties implemented are clear, swift, and simple. Sen. Mike Fasano and Attorney General Pam Bondi are commended for their tenacity in the effort to serve the citizens of Florida as well as those of other states. Kudos to the Legislature for making Florida a better place for its citizens.

It was unfortunate that the Florida Board of Medicine, which licenses the few transgressors that are the cause of so much suffering and the cause of so much effort and expense to our civil authorities, would not or could not take any meaningful action to affect the problem.

Anthony S. Comitos, Palm Harbor

* * *

What this man cost us ... - May 8

Bush, Cheney cost us, too

Above the title "What This Man Cost Us in Blood and Treasure" in your Perspective article should have been a picture of George W. Bush or Dick Cheney, not Osama bin Laden, as most of our costs were self-inflicted by unnecessary war(s). The recent successful mission to kill bin Laden using intelligence gathering and a small, highly trained team underscores what a pathetic waste of life, limb, and resources was perpetrated on this country and others by the Bush administration. Bin Laden cost us plenty, but it pales in comparison to what Bush/Cheney inflicted on us.

C. L. Dea, Tampa

* * * like a family, owner says - May 1

Not fit for print

I am saddened that the St. Petersburg Times has published this offensive and sleazy article. The concept of is perverted and pornographic. Williams has tried to rationalize his twisted business venture by claiming that he cares about the homeless and they are like family while paying them to be abused by "hot girls."

This is a sad commentary on our culture, our community and the creeps who support this.

Caring about someone does not involve degradation. It's disturbing that anyone could find success and satisfaction in filming the physical abuse of others.

I'm sure Williams appreciates the free publicity you have given him. Maybe, when someone dies after a session, his house of horrors will be shut down.

Joyce Sutherland, St. Petersburg