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Published May 13, 2011

Everyone in the Palm Terrace area needs to keep their children safe.

About a year and a half ago, we found out we had a peeping tom looking in my then-14-year-old's window. We stayed up and tried to catch him, but he was nowhere to be found. Everything seemed fine after that - or so we thought.

One morning, as my daughter was getting ready for school, there was a knock on her window. As she moved her blinds, she saw a man she had never seen before. I will never forget her screams and her shaking on the floor because of this loser, who turned out to be new to the neighborhood.

My neighbors captured it on their cameras. The guy had unscrewed our motion sensor lights and committed a lewd act. The police saw the tape and took evidence, but I guess that wasn't enough.

My daughter is not the only one. I wonder how many teenage girls have been traumatized by this person.

I have lived in this neighborhood for 22 years and we had never had a problem until this person moved in. I really feel sorry for his children.

Sure, I would be totally happy if they were to move out of their rental, but then I would feel that there would still be other young girls like my daughter that would be traumatized by this loser. Why don't we give this guy the help he needs and get him off our streets?

Debbie Schiff,Port Richey

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Rocky tenure behind moveMay 11 article

Principal should have been fired

Why wasn't principal Deanna DeCubellis fired instead of having a job created for her in the district administration?

So they cut the budget at the teacher-support staff level and support a principal who performed poorly at two schools. They cut spending on supplies and equipment and yet safeguard an irresponsible principal.

What does this say about Heather Fiorentino as a superintendent?

We deserve a complete explanation on this matter. Why is she continuing on the payroll when any other employee would be fired for cause?

Christina Ennist,New Port Richey

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Veteran's claims questionable - May 8 article

Article attacked a wonderful man

Your article on the Rev. Morson Livingston was an outright attack on this man's character. I have had the pleasure of knowing Morson for about two years now and am fully aware of the great work he is doing with homeless veterans.

Your article cited members of the County Commission who agreed.

The U.S. Army record you cited could be mistaken. He could have been awarded the ribbons after he was discharged. My uncle applied for and received several 60 years after he served in the Korean conflict.

In any event, whether he earned those ribbons or not is not an issue in the work he is doing now. Shame on the St. Petersburg Times for an attack on this wonderful, kind and gentle man.

Joyce Bashista, New Port Richey

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Political favors at Sheriff's Office

When Sheriff Chris Nocco took office, he immediately promoted ex-Sheriff Bob White's friends as a political favor.

Brian Head, for example, is a competent communicator and a good supervisor. But he lacks the knowledge and experience of being a road deputy or investigating a crime. He just does not have the experience to be colonel and second in command of a large sheriff's office. Nocco also promoted Brian Head's best friend, Ed Beckman, to major. He lacks supervisory professionalism and leadership.

The citizens of Pasco County lost a lot of trust in the last few months when Bob White retired and left the county with political favors and lack of experience.

Pasco County residents need to remember come next election.

Thomas Hendricksen,Spring Hill