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'The Closer' will close out in '12

The Closer as we know it will end after the final episodes air in 2012. But there has been some talk about continuing the series without star Kyra Sedgwick, who was ready to move on. Mary McDonnell, who has played Capt. Sharon Raydor on The Closer on a recurring basis, was recently made a series regular, leading some to speculate that producers may be setting it up for her to star in a spinoff.

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Ads shorten 'Golden Girls'

I watch The Golden Girls on the Hallmark Channel. My question: Why doesn't the Hallmark Channel show the original programs? They cut to commercial breaks in the middle of a scene or they just cut part of the scene out. I love that show and would like to see ALL of the program, even if I have seen them a thousand times!

They don't show the full episodes because they can make more money by adding more commercials. Your best bet is to watch the shows on DVD (assuming the DVD set contains the full, original episodes).

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Show you seek: 'Harry's Law'

While traveling, I saw bits and pieces of episodes of a show that I found really enjoyable. Unfortunately, I don't know its name nor the network that carried it. It had a gutsy middle-aged female attorney who lost her job at a large firm and wound up opening her own office in a run-down neighborhood, sharing space with a shoe store. Can you tell me if the program is still running and where/when to tune in?

That is Harry's Law, starring Kathy Bates, which aired Monday nights on NBC. Although its current season is done, it is generally expected to be picked up for a second one. Some of the first-season episodes can be viewed online at

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'NCIS' actor died in '08

I've been watching NCIS reruns on USA. In some of them, there was a lady who played the mother of Dr. Mallard until her "death." What is her real name? Is she still living, or did she retire?

Nina Foch, the actor who played Ducky's mother, Victoria, died in 2008 at the age of 84. Her character on NCIS was later killed off.

Foch had a long acting career, with many TV appearances and movies such as Spartacus, The Ten Commandments and An American in Paris. She also had considerable impact as a teacher of actors and directors.

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Tim Allen is voice behind ads

I love the "Pure Michigan" ads. Whose voice is used?

That's Tim Allen, the former Home Improvement star and, yes, a Michigander.