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On Nov. 11, Veterans Day, John Henson might dunk or block a shot on a spot where Osama bin Laden's body lay just before burial at sea. When the former Sickles High basketball star leads North Carolina against Michigan State in the first game played on an aircraft carrier, it could be on the USS Carl Vinson, which transported bin Laden's body for burial. ESPN will televise the game, which also could be played on the USS Ronald Reagan. Most of the 7,000 seats will go to military personnel; Henson's parents, Tampa residents Matt and Annette, plan to attend.

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Serena Williams out of French Open

Serena Williams, above, made a long-expected withdrawal from the French Open, with the one-time No. 1 now 10-1/2 months removed from her last match, the Wimbledon final. Sister Venus, whose last event was the Australian Open, is likely to follow. Serena has had a foot problem and a blood clot incident in February. Venus has a reported hip injury. Also missing will be another former No. 1, Dinara Safina, who is taking a break and will not predict a return.

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Players ask judge for $707 million

Attorneys representing the NFL's locked out players asked a federal judge for at least $707 million in damages resulting from a ruling that the league's $4 billion in television network deals constituted a violation of the league's collective bargaining agreement. U.S. District Court Judge David S. Doty, who made that ruling in early March, said he would take the request under advisement during his deliberations on how much he might award. Players' attorneys say the league's contracts amounted to a lockout "war chest."

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"I get to go to my son's Little League game that day. But for us, I don't think it matters.''

Kerry Wood, Cubs pitcher, on what the first Saturday night game at Wrigley Field since 1998 means to the team. The game this Saturday night is nationally televised, but the Tampa Bay area will get Red Sox vs. Yankees on Ch. 13 instead.