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Pasco school district reaches a deal with Imagine charter school

Published May 16, 2011

Over several requests, the Pasco County School Board has rejected the Imagine School at Land O'Lakes to expand its enrollment. It looked to grow by 102 students, to 650.

The school didn't give up, arguing that it needed to add children to afford a new school building, which would draw even more kids.

On Wednesday, Imagine headed to mediation with the district and won a small concession.

District officials agreed to let the school expand to 584 -- 66 fewer than asked for -- and only if it meets several other caveats, many relating to budgeting. The district in the past has raised several red flags suggesting Imagine's finances were in doubt.

The agreement (attached below) still requires School Board approval. It is headed to the board on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Imagine continues to move forward with its plans to build, winning county approval for its site on Thursday.

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Posted by Jeff Solochek at 10:18:58 am on May 13, 2011