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Pinellas: Cutting athletics wouldn't save much

On the budget portion of its web site this week, the Pinellas school district posted a list of "Budget Myths and Facts," including this one:

Myth: Cutting athletics or going to "pay for play" would be a good way to save money. Fact: The district spends about $1.5 million each year on athletics. Athletic programs bring in gate receipts equal to half that amount. Participation in athletics keeps some students in school. Many students rely on participation to help make them more competitive for colleges.

We're not sure what the $1.5 million includes. This Florida Times-Union piece from March, when the Duval County School District began considering cutting high school sports, says that district would have saved $7 million from the move, but it's not clear what it was including either.

Duval has about 124,000 students. Pinellas, about 102,000.

Read the other budget myths-and-facts here.

Posted by ronmatus at 4:03:07 pm on May 13, 2011