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Re: Be like Sandy, scam the telemarketers (tbt* May 10)

I am frankly insulted by the deceit of Sandy Townsend toward telemarketers. If in fact she is on the do-not-call list, then the calls should stop. I am on the list and I get calls only once in a blue moon; when I request they stop, they do. To trick hard-working people who have taken their time and gas money to come to your home for an appointment that you set up is not the right thing to do. I certainly cannot understand how behaving like this is justification for a phone call. As an adult, you could certainly just say "no, thank you."

Erica Lill, St. Petersburg

* * *

Mercy for gators

I am sick and tired of watching our alligators being tortured. Why do these trappers and the media have to make a big drama of the capture when the alligators are going to be hauled away and killed? Floridians, you need to realize we are in their habitat; they have nowhere else to go. Let's be a little more compassionate with these awesome animals and stop torturing them and damning them for living in their native land. Another case of stupid humans.

Lynne Currey, Kenneth City

* * *

No sex in street, please

The homeless problem around downtown St. Pete is getting out of hand. What kind of city lets hundreds of people sleep in the streets and do whatever they want? I mean, they have sex in front of the courthouse in the middle of the night! They drink. They leave the sidewalks smelling bad. I'm sure the tourists do not like that and it's going to give St. Pete a bad reputation. Something has to be done about providing shelter and help for these people.

Alfredo Nieves. St. Petersburg

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