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The city will pay just under $20,000 to have Terry Bradshaw talk for five minutes about the community.

How much would it be worth to have Fox sports personality Terry Bradshaw spend five minutes talking about your community on TV?

Oldsmar City Council members decided it's worth $19,800.

They voted 5-0 to pay the producers of a television show, Profiles with Terry Bradshaw, to include a short segment about the city in a future program. The segment would be part of a series the show is doing called "America's Hidden Gems to Live, Work and Play."

The producers told city officials the show with the Oldsmar segment would air one time nationally on the Fox Business Network and 19 times regionally on CNN Headline News. After that, the city will own the segment and can use it any way it likes.

In approving the agreement last week, City Council members went against the advice of City Manager Bruce Haddock.

"Quite frankly, I would not recommend you do it. I think it's a shot in the dark," Haddock told the council.

Several members of the council had been opposed, too, when initially contacted by the producers earlier this year.

However, they warmed to the idea, especially after Mayor Jim Ronecker contacted officials in Fayetteville, Ark., which was previously featured on the Profiles show. The show features Bradshaw, former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, narrating short features about various communities, businesses and individuals.

Fayetteville officials reported they were pleased with the experience and that the five-minute segment, now posted on YouTube, has helped the city tout its amenities to businesses inquiring about locating in Fayetteville.

Ronecker also asked the Nielsen Co. to provide information about how many people likely would see the Oldsmar segment. Over its entire run, he was told, it would be viewed by 582,810 people.

The city would be able to choose which cable markets would show the segment and also would have final say over the script, which Ronecker said he hoped would emphasize Oldsmar as a place ripe for economic development.

Initally skeptical, Ronecker said he had changed his mind because the city doesn't spend much for economic development and because Fayetteville got such a good response.

"And Terry Bradshaw's a very credible individual and has a big following," he added.

Council member Linda Norris had been opposed to paying almost $20,000 to be on the show, but said she changed her mind, too, after hearing the result of Ronecker's research. She made the motion to move ahead and the vote was unanimous.

The city will use money set aside in its budget for economic development.

The city doesn't yet know when filming of the segment will begin.