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He'll save every one of us! Top superhero songs of the '80s

Published May 16, 2011

The summer of superhero movies is nearly upon us. In a few short weeks, we won't know our Capt. America from our Green Lantern. Truth be told, I can't stand superhero movies. Not even really the ones in the '80s.

Oh sure, Batman was tolerable, but only because of Jack Nicholson. The Superman movies were campy at best, but at least we got "Kneel before Zod" out of them. And Flash? Well, god knows we all love any music by Queen.

So it's with only somewhat lukewarm interest I discovered a new list of the 30 best superhero songs of all time. and AOL Music did the honors, and I'm happy to say that, for the most part, these songs are keepers. Here are the ones that came from the '80s.


SURFING WITH THE ALIEN by Joe Satriani (1987): "Satriani borrowed a bit of the Silver Surfer's power cosmic for this instrumental single, which put him in the pantheon of guitar gods." [Watch video]

SUPERMAN by R.E.M. (1986): "Few people have heard the Clique's version of this song from 1969, and R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe reportedly wasn't as big of a fan of the bubblegum song, but his other bandmates were, so bassist Mike Mills sang the lead." [Watch video]

TONY'S THEME by Pixies (1988): "This erratic and charming ditty from 'Surfer Rosa' showcases the Pixies' chronicle of a young wheelie-popping superhero named Tony." [Watch video]

BATDANCE by Prince (1989): "Featuring a Marvel-ous guitar solo and words from Joker Jack Nicholson ("Stop the press"), it became Prince's fourth No. 1." [Watch video]

FLASH by Queen (1980): "Queen scored the entire movie, which featured this campy song written by guitarist Brian May." [Watch video]

Posted by Steve Spears at 6:25:44 am on May 15, 2011