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For Pinellas, the steps ahead on reappointments

The Pinellas school district sent the following Q&A Friday to all instructional personnel:

1. Q: What happens to teachers who were identified as involuntary transfers now that first and second year annual contract teachers have not been reappointed?

A: Schools must resolve any involuntary transfers with vacancies created by annual contract teachers if appropriate certification is held. Please direct questions regarding this to the appropriate Human Resource Director.

2. Q: If I am an involuntary transfer and placed out of field, how long do I have to obtain certification?

A: If a Human Resources Director places a teacher out of field and /or NHQ after the placement fair, he / she will have one year to obtain certification/highly qualified (HQ) status. The district will reimburse for subject area exams upon passing and cover the cost of adding the subject area to his/ her certificate. If an endorsement is required, district guidelines will be followed.

3. Q: Will there be a voluntary transfer period this year?

A: Due to budget and timing constraints there will NOT be a voluntary transfer period. Promotional opportunities and special cause transfers to IB, magnet, etc. will be honored.

4. Q: When is the Placement Fair for involuntary transfers?

A: The Involuntary Placement Fair will be held June 21, 2011 at Pinellas Park High School. Information regarding the placement fair will be provided prior to June 9, 2011. It is important that teachers continue to check their Outlook email and the district website for updates.

5. Q: I am a non-reappointed annual contract teacher. May I go to the placement fair?

A: No, you may not attend the placement fair. Once all of the involuntary transfer teachers are placed, schools will begin the process of reappointing annual contract teachers. If your school no longer has vacancies, you will be given priority consideration for placement as vacancies become available.

6. Q: I am a non-reappointed annual contact teacher, how will I know where the vacancies are?

A: Principals will post positions on the district Intranet for a minimum of two (2) days and will limit interviews to displaced annual contract teachers. (Temporary or remainder of the year contract teachers are not eligible to apply for these positions.)

7. Q: What is the process for placement of Media Specialists and Guidance Counselors?

A: Human Resources is meeting with the guidance and media specialist supervisors along with PCTA to establish a process. We will communicate this as soon as possible.

8. Q: If I am a displaced Reading, Math, or Science Coach, what is the placement process?

A: If you were a full-time teacher at the school where you are currently an academic coach, you are entitled to a position at that school. This may result in a less senior person being identified as an involuntary transfer. All others will attend the involuntary placement fair.

9. Q: When will non-reappointed annual contract teachers know whether or not they will be reappointed?

A: While there may be some reappointments prior to the placement fair on June 21, 2011, most reappointments will occur by June 30, 2011, provided there are no compliance issues. Seniority will not be a factor in reappointment.

10. Q: I am a non-reappointed annual contract teacher. Will I have a job with the district next year?

A: All non- reappointed annual contract teachers, who are appropriately certified and highly qualified, will be reappointed prior to any reappointment of temporary or remainder of the year contracts or new hires for vacancies as they become available.

11. Q: I had a temporary or remainder of the year contract with the district. When am I eligible for rehire?

A: Once all non-reappointed annual contract teachers with appropriate certification and highly qualified status for vacancies have been reappointed, you may apply for posted vacancies. Postings for positions that are open to remainder of the year and temporary contract teachers and new hires will appear on the Internet.

12. Q: I did not meet my compliance requirement (i.e. ESOL, Reading, SAE, etc.). Am I eligible for reappointment?

A: No, you are ineligible for consideration until compliance has been met, subject to the terms indicated on your compliance communication. If you have questions, please contact Loretta Miller at 588-6000 X1927

13. Q: I am a non-reappointed annual contract teacher and am scheduled for training or summer employment with the district, am I eligible to attend and/or work?

A: Yes, you are eligible. If your training requires a computer, you may check it out following PCS property removal guidelines. Your site-based administrator can provide you with additional information regarding the process and responsibilities.

14. Q: I am a non-reappointed annual contract teacher. How will I be notified of reappointment?

A: Human Resources will contact you via your district Outlook email or by phone. Please update your information by visiting Employee Self Service on the district website on the staff tab.

In order to balance the budget there is a combination of events that must occur:

1. We will not be providing the level of services and programs that we have in the past;

2. All employees will be impacted by a 3% retirement contribution;

3. All employees will be impacted with unpaid leave days;

4. All employees will be impacted with more health care costs; and

5. All employees will be impacted by a new staffing allocation model to right-size the District.

Posted by ronmatus at 9:35:59 am on May 16, 2011