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Ja'Juan Story becomes a Gator legend

An interview with Nature Coast's Ja'Juan Story by the website Gator Country set Twitter ablaze Monday, as well as parts of the internet, over some of the Sharks wide receiver's outrageous and humorous comments. And he may have become everyone's favorite Florida Gator in the process.

In the interview, Story is asked what Disney character he'd be, and answers "Aladdin, I think he's pretty cool, he's like easy going, cool guy, and he has Jasmine. I like how he wears his little vest with it open.'' He'd go invisible if he could choose one superpower, and the most played song on his iPod is Katy Perry's "Fireworks." He calls it "intense.''

But Story was just warming up. The quote that got everyone talking was his answer about his pregame ritual.

What does Story do? Exactly.

"Well, I take a doo doo. Before every game I doo doo.''


"I doo doo and then listen to Katy Perry."

Ironically, the next question was "What's something about you that surprises people?'' Well, Story probably already answered that (but he said shyness).

The countdown to the first "I doo doo and then listen to Katy Perry" T-shirt showing up (and I'll take two).

Here's what Twitter was saying about Tampa Bay's most famous football player (at least for a day)

@Bryan_Holt: Something tells me a lot of SEC stadiums just put "Firework" in their music arsenals in case Ja'Juan Story becomes a star.

@ih8tofly: Doodoo & Katy Perry. Best line EVER.

@bellyofthebeast: How dare Ja'Juan Story steal my pre-game routine before I play NCAA Football on XBox360.

@JetBlackEarl: Number 2 in the stall number 1 in our hearts.

@GatorNicole: I <3 Ja'Juan Story

The entire interview can be read here.