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Rick Springfield allegedly threatened to kill deputy during DUI arrest

It sounds like Rick Springfield's arrest for DUI on May 1 may have been messier than initially reported, as TMZ says now that he threatened the arresting officer. Funny how it didn't show up in the arrest report, though.

The site says after getting arrested in Malibu for blowing a .10, the singer was incensed when an L.A County Sheriff's deputy said Springfield's $200,000, 1963 Corvette was going towed away, allegedly yelling "If you tow my car, I will f---ing kill you and your family," a source tells TMZ. That's not a good way to talk your way out of trouble. The station captain apparently asked the deputy, "Did you really feel threatened?", an apparently loaded query that may have played down Springfield's intent. The arrest report says only the singer was "belligerent," TMZ says.

The sheriff's department was unfazed by the allegation, as spokesman Steve Whitmore responded with, "It is rare when a drunk doesn't say something outlandish to police when they're arrested. I have no idea what went down with this one, I wasn't there, but drunks are notorious for saying stupid, outlandish things to law enforcement all the time."

Springfield's rep was less nonchalant, countering TMZ with a statement that read, "Someone has leaked information illegally. It's a sad reflection on society today that people in law enforcement who we look up to, pander to the celebrity gossip channels." Hey, Rick, at least someone is mentioning your name in a news item.

[Photo: AP]


Posted by Joshua Gillin at 2:38:24 pm on May 16, 2011