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Rihanna tells fan 'calm down' after she follows Chris Brown on Twitter

It was a regular heartfelt learning moment on Twitter over the weekend, as a fan of Rihanna caused quite a stir when the singer started following her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Oh good, we love nothing more than some manufactured drama (especially on a slow day).

On Saturday, Ri-Ri fan @iStan4Rihanna was one of hundreds who noted Rihanna had started following Breezy's account on Twitter, @chrisbrown. The fan, who says she's a 14-year-old girl, wrote "@rihanna I never thought you would go back to him! You better not, its your life but you do have ppl that look up to you. e.g young girls" -- a sentiment echoed by plenty other Rihanna followers.

Well, the singer took particular exception to that, shooting back, "@iStan4Rihanna_ its f---in twitter, not the alter! calm down". It's good to show contempt for your fans, don't you think? Well, she saw the error of her ways and soon followed up with, "@iStan4Rihanna_ babygirl I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt or offend u! Just needed to make it clear to the Navy! I still Stan for u xoxo" (the Navy is Rihanna's fanbase, for the uninitiated -- or uninterested).

She also followed the fan's account back and sent her a direct message, garnering whoever it is plenty of media attention. That person has been tweeting about the whole ordeal almost nonstop since, so do The Juice* a favor and start messaging more celebrities so we can find things like this to tell you about.

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Posted by Joshua Gillin at 1:16:44 pm on May 16, 2011