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Thomas Dolby likes lifeboats, chocolate, Tesla and spa vacations

Published May 17, 2011

Thomas Dolby may be the quirkiest genius of the '80s. Hell, any decade. And from the quirk comes some of the most memorable, atmospheric tunes I've ever heard. [Still my all-time fave? I Live In a Suitcase]

So naturally I devoured Popmatter's "20 Questions with Thomas Dolby" (thanks to Pop Candy for the tip). Even though I interviewed Dolby a few years ago for the podcast, I might have learned more about the man after this simple questionnaire. Read it and see for yourself.

Among the gems:

STAR TREK OR STAR WARS? "Star Trek, because at least it knows it's drivel. Star Wars takes itself far too seriously. The first couple of movies were quite charming in a goofy way, then they were followed by a bunch of hooey, IMO."

HIDDEN TALENT? "I'm a skilled helmsman of classic racing sailboats."

GREATEST ALBUM EVER? "The one I'm working on, A Map of the Floating City. How can I say anything else? every time I make an album I want it to be the greatest album, ever. But if I had to pick a single album by someone else, it would be Hejira by Joni Mitchell."

Posted by Steve Spears at 9:14:39 am on May 16, 2011