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Which sunscreen works best for you?

It was kind of a shocker last year that few products won a green rating in the Environmental Working Group's fourth annual Sunscreen Guide. Its researchers recommended only a small fraction of more than 500 beach and sport sunscreens and sunblocks. The reason? A surge in exaggerated SPF claims above 50 and new disclosures about potentially hazardous ingredients, in particular recently developed government data linking vitamin A to accelerated growth of skin tumors and lesions.

I'm awaiting its 2011 recommendations, but in the meantime you can see the EWG's Hall of Shame here. Their top sunscreens all contain the minerals zinc or titanium and none contain oxybenzone, vitamin A (which has been linked to skin tumors) or come in sprays or powders. The only problem might be finding some of these obscure organic compounds.

Its second-tier recommendation which have some of the chemicals of concern but not as much, are more easily found on the drug store shelf. They include Coppertone's Sport Sunblock Lotion and Bull Frog's Ultimate Sheer Protection for face and for the body.

While we await this year's guide, here's last year's rundown.

--Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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Posted by Sharon Wynne at 7:17:06 am on May 16, 2011