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What's hot: Redfish schools are large in the lower parts of Tampa Bay. Wind direction and water height play a big role in finding a school. A strong wind out of the north will make the tide much lower than predicted. It will also keep the incoming tide from reaching its highest point. In a few areas, you can target a school during these low tides. They do get a bit crowded with anglers, but if you come into the area slowly and wait for the bite to start, you'll have a good chance at hooking up.

Tackle: A 7- to 8-foot rod with a reel spooled with 10- to 15-pound braided line will give you long casts, needed to get close to reds without spooking the school. Reds in some areas respond to live chumming. When they do, free-line the baits. In other spots, reds respond to cut bait. Test the school with a few live whitebaits tossed near the school. If the reds strike, throw a few more into the school. Don't over-chum; it will attract the birds that like to dive on the baits and spook the school of reds into leaving.

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