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Florida Baptist Witness interview with Gov. Rick Scott

In the final days of the 2011 session, Gov. Rick Scott sat down for an interview with Florida Baptist Witness. Read the whole story here. Some excerpts from the article by James A. Smith Sr., the publication's executive editor:

* Asked about his rigorous daily schedule, Scott said his long work hours do not differ much from his daily routine in the private sector, noting his day usually begins with a 5 a.m. workout. "This is the best job ever. I've always enjoyed my job. But I like doing this," he said.

* Noting some of the controversial decisions he has made in his first four months in office, the Witness asked Scott what has been the most difficult decision. "Hardest is clemency, because on the one hand as a Christian you're supposed to forgive. On the other side, you've got to make sure you keep your society safe," he said.

* Asked about his devotional life in a hectic daily schedule, Scott told the Witness, "I read the Bible and I read a devotional. And I pray a lot." He added, "My prayer is for God to take care of my family. And then to give me the wisdom and character to make the best decisions." Scott said, "I know a lot of people pray for me because they tell me about it all the time. And I tell them I need lots of prayers."

Posted by Amy Hollyfield at 11:12:55 am on May 17, 2011