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Jax mayoral photo finish!: Hogan 50%, Brown 50%

Published May 18, 2011

Yes, it's easy to overstate the significance of local races. But a Democrat practically tying a Republican for mayor of Jacksonville? That is a big, big deal that nobody would have remotely predicted a few months ago. Last time there was an open race for mayor of Florida's largest municipality, John Peyton beat Nat Glover by 16 percentage points.

Florida Times Union: It will likely be the weekend before Jacksonville learns who its next mayor will be. The razor-thin margin had Democrat Alvin Brown leading Republican Mike Hogan by 603 votes before 10:45 p.m. Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland said 1,000 absentee votes were still out, as were 1,000 provisionals.

The absentees were cast Tuesday and the provisionals are mostly from people who requested an absentee ballot, but showed up at the polls. In both cases, election staff will have to check to make sure no one voted twice. Holland said that number of votes can usually be counted in a day - but that's after races are decided. With a mayor's race on the line and every vote the potential deal-breaker, Holland said it could take longer.

Posted by Adam C. Smith at 9:52:55 pm on May 17, 2011