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Miley Cyrus gets her sixth tattoo while on tour in Brazil

Miley Cyrus continues to set a great example for the kids, getting a sixth tattoo Sunday while on tour in Brazil. This one we can't even show you yet, because it's on her right wrist and it's not nearly as obvious as that dreamcatcher she had inked under her right arm in a place that makes it look like her armpit hair is truly out of control.

The 18-year-old hit the up Sao Paulo tattoo artist Fabio Satori for the ink, which at first he thought was for one of Miley's friends. Boy, was he surprised when he found out it was the former Mouse House mascot herself.

"A friend of mine works in the production of Miley and called me saying that the team wanted tattoos. Later, I was told that Miley wanted one as well and because, for her, leaving the hotel is always difficult, we did it at the hotel," Satori said, according to ContactMusic.

"Everyone had an idea in mind and references. She asked me something soft, I made two drawings and she chose one. Miley told her mother that she wanted something that refers to a safe port, something that reminded her that she always has a safe place to return to. The significance of the design is one of hope and a reminder to always have your feet on the ground."

Six tats at 18 is quite a lot, but what do you expect? Her mom Tish is 42 and she has those giant angel wings that are basically a billboard for how trashy she is. Miley would probably let herself go asphalt skiing off the back of a truck, Indiana Jones style if she thought it would make dad Billy Ray mad.

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Posted by Joshua Gillin at 4:14:51 pm on May 17, 2011