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principal obama

President's quip is a daughter's nightmare

President Barack Obama already has his next job lined up - he's following daughters Malia and Sasha to high school to serve as their principal. Obama decided on his new career path during a trip to Memphis to deliver the commencement address at Booker T. Washington High School. The principal's daughter told Obama she decided not to go to her mom's school because she was worried boys would be afraid to talk to her with her mom lurking in the halls. The president liked the idea so much, he joked to the students that his next job will be principal at his daughters' high school. "And then president of their college."

War of tweets

Rwandan leader snaps back

When British journalist Ian Birrell tweeted that Paul Kagame, Rwanda's longtime president, was "despotic & deluded," he got a sharp reply - from the African leader himself, setting off an unprecedented online spat between a head of state and one of his critics. Kagame (@PaulKagame) fired back with 14 tweets, including one in which he told Birrell (@ianbirrell) simply: "Wrong u r." Birrell, a former editor at the Independent newspaper, called Kagame's responses "somewhat astonishing!"

R-rated story time

Sleep-deprived parent's bestseller

Not yet out, a 32-pager from a tiny Brooklyn publisher has hit No. 1 on and has sold more than 100,000 copies in preorders since it surfaced less than a month ago. After bootleg copies leaked, Akashic Books moved up publication to June 14, for Father's Day. Go the F--- to Sleep, the F-bomb plea on the minds of every parent at one point or another, is the title of the parody written in kid-friendly rhyme. It's decidedly unworthy of a bedtime read-aloud. Film rights have already been sold. All this for what amounts to a lament put to picture book illustrations (by Ricardo Cortes). Here's a sample: "All the kids in day care are in dreamland. The froggie has made its last leap. Hell no, you can't go to the bathroom. You know where you can go? The (bleep) to sleep." Only the book uses the real word in full. A lot. The spoof was written by novelist and poet Adam Mansbach, whose 3-year-old used to be a night owl but has turned the corner on the sleep thing.

sharp museum idea

Where to find the pencil sharpeners

Tourism officials have made a point of displaying hundreds of pencil sharpeners collected by an Ohio minister who died last summer. The Rev. Paul Johnson had kept his collection in a small shed he called his museum, outside his home in Carbon Hill in southeast Ohio. A new home for his more than 3,400 sharpeners was dedicated Friday inside a regional welcome center. The Logan Daily News reports Johnson started collecting after his wife gave him a few pencil sharpeners as a gift in the late 1980s. The oldest is 105 years old.

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