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Jacksonville mayoral race reverberates at national Republican meeting in Dallas

Whether or not Democrat Alvin Brown wins the Jacksonville mayoral race (at this moment, it looks good for him) the strong performance has commanded the attention of Republicans across the country.

The race was a topic of discussion at the RNC state chairman's meeting in Dallas, reinforcing that Democrats are forming an intense ground game, said national GOP committeeman Paul Senft of Florida. "Obviously, we're very aware of what they did there," he said. "It was effective."

Senft, of Haines City, said a takeaway from the strategy meeting was Republicans need to get moving. "

We need to get more intense boots on the ground earlier than before. Obama's already out there." He cited the union rallies in Wisconsin as another signal Democrats are fired up.

"It's going to be intense. We knew it would be. It's going to be earlier than we originally thought," Senft said. But he's confident Republicans can deliver.

Posted by Alex Leary at 12:35:43 pm on May 18, 2011