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Mildred Patricia Baena revealed as alleged Arnold Schwarzenegger mistress

Now that the initial shock of Arnold Schwarzenegger's illegitimate love child is out of the way, the tabloids and gossip fiends are investigating the story with the tenacity of Seal Team 6, so it comes as no surprise they already have a name of the other woman -- Mildred Patricia Baena. They even found photos on MySpace of this woman, proving that she can't be all that, since she's still on MySpace.

TMZ and RadarOnline are having a competition to see who can get the most details, but this is what we know: Baena, whom Radar says is 50 but is listed as 47 on the MySpace profile, worked for Arnold and Maria Shriver for 20 years and she has a son who is either 13 or 14. TMZ has produced a birth certificate for the kid, listing a birthdate of Oct. 2, 1997, listing her then-husband Rogelio Baena as the father.

The site adds that Arnold didn't know the kid was his until the boy was a toddler, and that Schwarzenegger may have been using his wealth to funnel child support to him for years. Further adding insult to injury, the site says this kid's birthday is a mere FIVE DAYS after Maria's son Christopher was born on Sept. 27 of the same year.

TMZ says Patty (as she's known) started to "pursue Arnold" in the late 1990s, and they had a torrid affair that involved trysts during the day, while Maria was out. The housekeeper made $1,200 a week and retired in January to a house outside L.A. with the boy and her three other children, apparently on good terms with Arnold and his family, TMZ says.

That's an account Radar disputes, since they quote a source who says this all came out because Patty threatened to go public with the news four weeks ago as revenge for being fired. Radar also says that she was still working for the family up until a month ago, sparking the blowup. Something's not adding up here.

"Mildred was furious that the father of her 14-year-old son would callously fire her from her job after decades of loyal service," the source said. "She admitted to friends how she finally wanted to tell the secret -- that she had kept faithfully for 14 years -- to the world."

It's at this point The Juice* has to say we're not printing a photo of this kid, because he's underage and there's absolutely no confirmation he's Schwarzenegger's son outside of some unnamed sources on the Internet, which are not what you'd call the safest avenues of information gathering. If someone cried hoax tomorrow, we wouldn't be surprised.

But since we've seen the photos, we've got to say he'd probably fit into a Schwarzenegger family Christmas photo pretty easily, from the looks of him. It's not his fault his daddy couldn't keep his little commando squared away during the day. This Baena woman, on the other hand, is fair game for leaving her profile public. Go check it out on your own, if you must.

[Photo: via MySpace]

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Posted by Joshua Gillin at 1:52:12 pm on May 18, 2011