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Sunday was the first of what Lorraine Yaslowitz hopes will become an annual event in downtown St. Petersburg.

Yaslowitz was the brainchild behind the Partners for Life Police Appreciation Run and Walk, a racing event honoring three St. Petersburg police officers killed in the line of duty within a month of each other.

Yaslowitz is the widow of police Officer Jeff Yaslowitz, who was killed along with police Officer Dave Crawford and police Sgt. Tom Baitinger in 2011.

In Sunday's inaugural 10K, named for Officer Yaslowitz, Trevor Quandt of St. Petersburg crossed the finish line first in a time of 37:13. Quandt, 15, completed the race nearly a minute and a half faster than his closest competitor.

Chad Siple, 26 of Clearwater, earned a third-place finish after crossing in 39:13.

Christa Stephens, also a St. Petersburg resident, came in slightly ahead of Lisa Williams at the finish line to win the women's championship.

Stephens, 27, took the title in 41:51. Williams, 32 of Largo, was one second behind.

Leslie Beauchamp, 32 of St. Petersburg, was third in the women's race in a time of 43:08.

Age group winners in the 10K were: (F master) Elizabeth Samuelson, St. Petersburg, 45:34; (M grandmaster) Chris Pedersen, St. Petersburg, 41:26; (F grandmaster) Pila Cadena, St. Petersburg, 47:46; (M10-14) Caleb Yaslowitz, St. Petersburg, 1:26:02; (M15-19) Ryan Quandt, St. Petersburg, 50:12; (M35-39) Gavin Hawken, St. Petersburg, 44:01; (F35-39) Cathy Krajnik, St. Petersburg, 44:44; (M40-44) James Hill, St. Petersburg, 44:59; (F40-44) Bama Tearney, St. Pete Beach, 47:41; (M50-54) William Zulas, Clearwater, 55:12; (M55-59) Steven Byrne, Pinellas Park, 44:11; (F60-64) Cindy Krager, St. Petersburg, 59:41; (M65-69) Allan Katz, St. Petersburg, 56:01; (F70 and over) Terri Sullivan, Tarpon Springs, 1:20:07.

Lee Stephens, 30 of St. Petersburg, was the winner of the Sgt. Tom Baitinger 5K after crossing the finish line in 17:06.

Hunter McCann, 14 of Treasure Island, came to the line second after running 18:01. Jeff Essers, 43 of Largo, placed third in 18:34.

Alex Eaton, 15 of St. Petersburg, was the women's 5K champion after covering the course in 19:50.

Jennifer Sullivan, 46 of Safety Harbor, was 19 seconds behind Eaton. Loretta Simeon, 45 of St. Petersburg, made it a Pinellas County sweep at the top for both the men's and women's 5K races with her third-place finish in 21:11.

The following were 5K age group winners: (M master) Steve Kropf, St. Petersburg, 19:51; (F master) Carissa Cousins, St. Petersburg, 23:59; (M grandmaster) Tim Miller, St. Petersburg, 25:05; (M law enforcement) Sean O'Flannery, Pinellas Park, 22:51; (M9 and under) Evan Kempsey, Oldsmar, 27:49; (F9 and under) Ellee Quattrocki, Oldsmar, 31:23; (M10-14) Chase Timberlake, Largo, 27:35; (M15-19) Trevor Quandt, St. Petersburg, 19:54; (F15-19) Sally Craft, St. Petersburg, 29:48; (M20-24) Brian Harman, St. Petersburg, 20:52; (M25-29) Moses Hensley, Clearwater, 20:54; (M35-39) Tony Dilley, St. Petersburg, 23:20; (F35-39) Linae Boehme-Terrana, St. Petersburg, 24:51; (M45-49) Kevin Milkey, St. Pete Beach, 20:04; (M50-54) William Zulas, Clearwater, 27:14; (F50-54) Belinda Bauders, Largo, 26:13; (F55-59) Patricia Bunce, Clearwater, 28:29; (M60-64) Josef Knaust, St. Petersburg, 34:45; (F60-64) Valeria Knaust, St. Petersburg, 43:47; (F65-69) Barbara Pass, Seminole, 44:25.

DUNEDIN HOG HUSTLE:Sean Gallagher of Clearwater covered the 5K course at Saturday's Dunedin Hog Hustle 24 seconds faster than the rest of the field. The race had 323 finishers.

Gallagher, 28, was the champion in a time of 16:43.

Mike Lisman, 43 of Palm Harbor, came in third after finishing in 18:07.

Terri Doheny of Clearwater was the women's champion by 20 seconds, completing the course in 22:11.

Doheny held off Carol Bancroft, who was second in 22:31. Bancroft, 51 of Safety Harbor, was the women's master's champion.

Melissa Figueroa, 24 of Clearwater, also had a time of 22:31 and was third.

Age group winners locally were: (M9 and under) Cameron Smith, Ozona, 48:05; (F9 and under) Danela Smyth, Dunedin, 31:14; (F10-14) Kayla Horvath, Palm Harbor, 28:18; (M15-19) Tyler Lewis, Largo, 18:12; (F15-19) Julia Cummings, Palm Harbor, 29:41; (F20-24) Fugueroa; (M25-29) David Avila, Clearwater, 18:43; (F25-29) Anne Morris, Crystal Beach, 23:04; (M30-34) Matt Shanklin, St. Petersburg, 19:29; (F30-34) Carly Lipsitz, Clearwater, 27:19; (M35-39) Jesse Howley, Clearwater, 20:02; (F35-39) Heather Ellison, Clearwater, 23:47; (M40-44) Lisman; (F40-44) Dawn Sterns, Palm Harbor, 22:35; (F45-49) Tina Rosata, Palm Harbor, 23:13; (M50-54) Victor Yeager, Dunedin, 19:09; (F50-54) Cheryl Lapham, Safety Harbor, 26:09; (M55-59) Al Kohn, Palm Harbor, 21:52; (M60-64) Rob Sirvaitis, Safety Harbor, 25:17; (F60-64) Ellen Kohn, Palm Harbor, 25:46; (M65-69) Duncan Cameron, Palm Harbor, 21:19; (F65-69) Carmen Leblanc, Clearwater, 51:07; (F70 and over) Betty Lambert, Clearwater, 28:58.

PEDIATRIC BURN SURVIVOR 5K:David Plank couldn't quite catch Brandon Dahlem of Gainesville at the first running of the Tampa Firefighters Pediatric Burn Survivor 5K on Saturday.

Plank, 37 of St. Petersburg, took second overall at the 5K through the streets of downtown Tampa in a time of 18:36.

Dahlem was the race winner in 17:16.

Lisa Taylor also brought a silver medal back to Pinellas County after placing second in the women's race. Taylor, 36 of Clearwater, was finished in 20:13.

Jacki Wachtel of New Port Richey was the women's champion with a time of 18:46.

A few local runners were age group champions. They were: (M20-24) Lincoln Lucas, Belleair, 19:40; (F25-29) Kirstin Schmitt, Indian Rocks Beach, 23:22; (M50-54) Jerry Hewel, Clearwater, 20:14; (M65 and over) James Ladig, Clearwater, 22:37.

The Tampa Firefighters Pediatric Burn Survivor 5K, which is hoping to become an annual event on the local racing calendar, had 259 participants.

KEYS 100:Madeleine Zolfo was the women's master's champion in the 50-mile ultramarathon race from Marathon to Key West at the Keys 100 on Saturday.

Zolfo, 46 of Treasure Island, completed the endurance race in eight hours, 26 minutes despite a heat index of more than 100 degrees. She was the third woman to finish and was seventh overall.