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Botox mom now says she lied for $200

Remember that story of the crazy mom who gave her 8 year old Botox? Well, it's all a scam cooked up by a British tabloid, the mom now says.

TMZ is reporting that it has obtained a sworn declaration written by Sheena Upton, who claims she was recently approached by the British tabloid, The Sun, and asked "to play the role of Kerry Campbell" for a story called "I Give My 8-Year-Old Daughter Botox." Upton now confesses The Sun paid her $200 adding, "I was provided with the story, instructions and a script to follow for a recorded interview."

After the story ran in The Sun, Upton says she was approached by Good Morning America and Inside Edition and claims she was offered "a large fee" to appear on camera. She went on both shows and re-told her story.

And what did all this infamy get her? Her daughter was taken away by authorities, poor kid.

"The truth is I have never given my daughter Botox, nor allowed her to get any type of waxing, nor is she a beauty pageant contestant," she now says.

UCLA Medical Center reportedly examined her and found she had not ever received treatments, so the authorities returned Upton's daughter to her, with the provison that a cousin would stay with her and the child for the time being.

For its part ABC News says it is investigating her "rapidly shifting story" and that, "Good Morning America has repeatedly questioned Upton, members of her family, and other sources who again and again stood by the Botox story. Good Morning America is solely interested in getting to the truth and will share with our audience any new information that we find."

I'm not so sure this revelation doesn't make what she did any less despicable.

UPDATE: U.K. newspaper The Sun is adamantly denying it scripted the story, TMZ reports. It claims they only published the story after a "reputable UK news agency" -- and the reporter from the agency "watched Ms. Campbell administering what appeared to be Botox to her daughter and provided compelling photographs."

--Sharon Kennedy Wynne

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Posted by Sharon Wynne at 3:51:04 pm on May 19, 2011