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Gov. Rick Scott, high-speed rail killer, loves Rubio's 'Refund' bill

Gov. Rick Scott has sent Sen. Marco Rubio a fan letter over legislation that would require the federal government to use money rejected by states to pay down the debt. Scott, of course, turned back $2.5 billion for high-speed rail and the U.S. DOT redistributed it to other states.

"The REFUND Act will help bring some sanity to the irrational spending policies we see too often in Washington," Scott wrote. "It makes no sense for the federal government to try to force states into accepting money, and the obligations it attaches to it. The money rejected by states should be put towards paying down the national debt."

Rubio cited high-speed rail as justification for the legislation, which was also introduced in the House by Rep. Denny Rehberg of Montana, who was upset that the Democratic governor in his state refused to return $120 million in federal aid (food stamps, health care ...) that was rejected by the Republican legislature.

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Posted by Alex Leary at 10:35:52 am on May 19, 2011