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Geek style is everywhere, probably because we're all geeks on some level. Nerd swagger thrives whether you're abnormally interested in lunch meats, too tense to hold hands with a boy or so broke that your thrift store clothes actually look cool. - But how to pick your best look? You need inspiration. Clarity. Cliff's Notes. Flashcards. - We enlisted some pop culture archetypes to help separate our Pythagorean Theorems from our Legend of Zeldas. You may call them "stereotypes," but we're sticking with "helpful guidelines." When you're swarmed with smart hotties at the shuffleboard courts next weekend, you can thank your horn-rimmed glasses. And us.

* * *

The Schoolgirl Geek

Icon: Rachel Berry from Glee

You are tightly wound, tense and awkward when it comes to love. Your wardrobe is rife with knee socks, penny loafers and sweaters featuring shadow profiles of birds, bows and steeds. Insecure among your well-oiled peers, you consider a nose job, attempt leather pants and bare your midriff once. But you know greatness awaits for those who are chaste, so you put the goods away and don a natty cardigan. Haters are inferior.

See also: Tracy Flick from Election, Annie Edison from Community

* * *

The Hipster Geek

Icon: Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory

You favor subtle superhero T-shirts layered atop bright long sleeves and stiff polo necks. In the world of emoticons, you're colon, capital D. This one time, you grew a beard and it looked strangely good. Sure, you have a thing for string theory, but you don't let your clothes show it. You're laid-back and hip, with no understanding of how you possibly managed to be laid-back and hip. Bazinga!

See also: Abed Nadir from Community, every Michael Cera character

* * *

The Geeko Suave

Icon: Drake

"Where did I get my argyle sweater? The sexy store, that's where. And a Mister Rogers man cardigan? You're just jealous you can't pull it off. Yeah, I know you wish you could rock a varsity letter jacket at a Hollywood club, but it would only reveal you for the geek you are. Not me. No one has ever laughed at my nautical sailor shirt and flat-front khakis, because they are BANGING. Tell your girlfriend to call me and we'll hit up J.Crew."

See also: Fonzworth Bentley, Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl

* * *

The Geek with Glasses

Icon: Tina Fey

Congratulations! You have glasses, and you're a girl. Growing up, everyone made fun of you for playing basketball with that elastic cord around your head. But as you matured, you realized something: Guys totally dig girls with glasses, probably because of too much sexy secretary porn. But whatever. You learned to style your hair beautifully, apply a hint of sheer lip gloss and wear oxford shirts with a single, mysterious undone button. You took back the power.

See also: Lisa Loeb, Sarah Palin

* * *

The Indie Princess Geek

Icon: Zooey Deschanel

You are oh-so irreverent, with an enviable way of enchanting both men and women. You wear 1940s oxford shoes with ruffle socks and a Boy Scout shirt from Goodwill. Your bangs are steel-strong, making way for neither eyebrow nor forehead. You listen to Darwin Deez, buy flatware from Ikea and read Dostoevsky on break from your part-time job at the local organic coffee shop. Your split ends would lay better - if you could only find love.

See also: Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley, supermodel Agyness Deyn

* * *

The Ultimate Geek

Icon: Steve Urkel from Family Matters

No need for a "kick me" sign on your back, because you're wearing it all over your body. Seriously, does anyone actually dress this bad in real life? Only children with neglectful mothers wear pants that short. (Come to think of it, we never really saw Steve's parents, and hedid hang with the Winslows an awful lot. Should we have been concerned?) The good news is, you're so ugly that a makeover is inevitable. Just take a sip of the Cool Juice, and bam. Stefan Urquelle, baby.

See also: Napoleon Dynamite, cast of Revenge of the Nerds