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A 3-D attraction based on Despicable Me is on the way.
Published May 20, 2011

Universal Orlando will replace its Jimmy Neutron simulator attraction with a new 3-D, high-energy feature based on the hit film Despicable Me.

The theater-seating attraction at the Universal Studios theme park, along with the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man ride nearby in the Islands of Adventure park, will both get upgraded projection systems.

The enhancement to state-of-the-art, high-definition 3-D will offer a more realistic picture plus new visual details that are being added in a reanimation. People today can see a sharper HD picture at home, so Universal was due to upgrade its 3-D technology, which was a first of its kind when installed on Spider-Man in 1999. New enhancements to both rides will be complete in 2012.

Jimmy Neutron, which has been open only on peak traffic days, will close for good Aug. 18. The 2010 film Despicable Me, which grossed $540 million, featured a supervillain named Gru, his three daughters and scads of goggle-wearing yellow creatures called minions.

"Our attraction will have lots and lots of minions," said Mark Woodbury, president of Universal Creative. "More than a million." Universal is doing more than changing a reel. The studio is pouring a year of production work into the four-minute film. The theater, which features seats on moving platforms, will be gutted. An expanded preshow will lead people in line through Gru's house and lab. And to help turn the audience into dancing minions, Universal plans to pass out goggles.