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5630 Sunset Falls Dr., to Pamela L. Byers by Centex Homes, $167,800, 03/01/2011.

721 Spanish Main Dr., to Barry & Tabitha Blann by Luwanna K. & John F. Allen, $185,000, 02/28/2011.

7302 Carrington Oaks Ln., to Robert E. Davis by Federal National Mortgage Assn., $199,900, 02/25/2011.

635 Manns Harbor Dr., to Kenneth L. Meredith by Homes by W. Bay LLC, $618,100, 03/01/2011.


1709 Pastoral Way, to George H. & Leviticus Harris by Wayne K. Ellis, $137,900, 02/28/2011.

1306 Rustlewood Dr., to Eric C. Shaner by John C. & Wendy J. Poteat, $189,000, 02/28/2011.

1007 Lakewood Dr., to Charles E. & Louise W. Springer by M/I Homes Tampa LLC, $850,000, 03/10/2011.


5151 Shakespeare Dr., to Jeff Labudde by John M. Smith, $114,900, 02/25/2011.

5305 Endeavour Ave., to C. K. Brown by Citibank NA, Trustee, $152,200, 03/03/2011.


6211 Florence St., to Ronald L. & Robin A. Dykes by Jeanne L. & David Y. Harden, $80,000, 03/10/2011.


6013 Kiteridge Dr., to Patricia J. McKinney by U.S. of America, $105,000, 03/10/2011.

17401 New Cross Cir., to Charles & Geralyn Davis by Taylor Morrison of Florida Inc., $148,900, 03/09/2011.

11122 Foster Carriage Rd., to Otto Rosado by Taylor Morrison of Florida Inc., $180,800, 03/02/2011.

15923 Persimmon Grove Dr., to David C. & Leanne B. Spinale by Homes by W. Bay LLC, $374,100, 03/03/2011.

15107 Kestrelrise Dr., to Bing Li by Thomas J. & Connie K. Garvey, $440,000, 03/10/2011.


8105 Heavens Bend Ln., to Steven & Jennifer Sykes by Andres & Serafina Pinero, $97,000, 03/10/2011.


8924 Red Beechwood Court, to Jose M. Rosado by Taylor Morrison of Florida Inc., $88,900, 03/03/2011.

4932 Pond Ridge Dr., to David Olin by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $90,000, 02/18/2011.

12012 Hampshire Field Court, to Xamira Jimenez by Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $95,000, 02/25/2011.

9224 River Rock Ln., to Patricia G. Wiltz by John R. Goss, $103,000, 03/07/2011.

10515 Deepbrook Dr., to Amanda C. Stinson by Tampa Area Property LLC, $127,000, 03/11/2011.

7115 Forest Mere Dr., to Yanko P. Vasliev by Taylor Morrison of Florida Inc., $131,800, 03/09/2011.

11309 Louisa May Way, to Mary L. Dixon by Stanley E. & Diana Swihart, $146,000, 02/25/2011.

12520 Burgess Hill Dr., to Michelle & Neil Wilgus by Nicholas & Barbara Kouimanis, $210,000, 03/04/2011.

11902 Shadow Run Blvd., to David & Dawn Tsang by David A. & Bernice J. Blair, $275,000, 02/28/2011.


1027 Windton Oak Dr., to Deano A. & Sonya L. Eliam by Taylor Morrison of Florida Inc., $135,900, 03/08/2011.


412 Vine Keeper Court, to Harold T. & Emilia K. Eich by M. M. A. Property Inc., $280,000, 03/09/2011.


3117 Pine Top Dr., to Louder Vanga by Steve Nguyen, $90,000, 03/04/2011.

1304 Monte Lake Dr., to David M. Doody by David Synakora, $145,000, 03/09/2011.

4430 Brandon Ridge Dr., to Roberto & Gladys Monzon by Kenneth M. Baxley, $160,000, 03/08/2011.

4508 Preston Woods Dr., to Robert T. Allen by Joseph A. & Loretta E. Elliott, $169,900, 03/04/2011.

4617 Daventry Pl., to Kenneth & Leslie Kuebler by Randall G. & Courtney M. Turner, $229,500, 03/04/2011.

2227 Valrico Forest Dr., to Lisa Sozio by Michael D. Lawlor, $327,000, 03/03/2011.

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Transactions are $40,000 or more, listed in ascending order. Published addresses are the mailing addresses recorded by buyers on the deeds. Usually, they reflect the location of the property that changed hands. In some cases, the transaction is a refinancing that resulted in deed modification.

Real estate transactions for Hillsborough County appear weekly in this section. Tampa listings include all transactions in which Tampa has been given as the address. Areas such as Carrollwood, Town 'N Country and New Tampa are commonly listed under Tampa.