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It's simple math: You get what you pay for- May 18 Dan DeWitt column

I happen to agree with most of what he says. I think every property owner, except perhaps disabled veterans that DeWitt didn't mention, should pay at least a minimum amount of property taxes for the services they are rendered. Even $100 or $200 a year would help.

However, property taxes are a local issue. I'd like to hear what DeWitt thinks about the more than 50 percent of the 138 million U.S. income taxpayers who pay absolutely no income taxes at all. Zero, nada, zilch.

Many of those in fact get money back from the federal government in the form of tax credit refunds. It's simple math. These people are getting everything for free. Shouldn't everyone be paying at least something for the privilege of, and enjoying the benefits of, living in this great country? Even $100 or $200 a year would help.

Frank S. Fischer, Spring Hill

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Fire board flier merits a 'no' vote

I can't believe that the Spring Hill Fire District has used taxpayers' money to issue a brochure urging voters to allow the district to collect taxes while including false statements in the brochure.

If that doesn't merit a "no" vote, I don't know what does. The Spring Hill voters are smart people - they are not going to give taxing authority to a volatile, explosive group of fire commissioners, some of whom have no respect for their fellow board members.

Regardless of what you are told, a "no" vote will have no effect on the all important response time, i.e., the time it takes for our firefighters, paramedics or emergency medical technicians to answer a 911 call. Why? Because we have highly dedicated, extremely capable fire district personnel who are focused on their mission. That's where the high level of efficiency ends. The makeup of the brochure is a perfect example - i.e., not professional, false statements and misleading data.

The deliberations of our fire commissioners have been an embarrassment not worthy of repeating here.

I urge Spring Hill voters to vote "no." This will eventually lead to a consolidation of what are now three separate departments (three chiefs). Consolidation will save taxpayers thousands of dollars.

Nick Morana, Spring Hill