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Re: Bruins can't play nice, even with fans (tbt* May 19)

I am embarrassed by some so-called "Lightning fans." The article says that the Bruins put up signs (in their building and town) that made fun of Lightning fans and there are people in Tampa Bay who are offended by this. Grow up! This is the Eastern Conference finals and it is simple banter between true fans. After reading the signs, I believe that people are offended because the signs hit too close to home.

And Cowhead - shut up. Your email campaign has nothing to do with war and should not be associated with Seal Team 6.

Patrick Schwar, Clearwater

* * *

That's the ball game

Re: Swept aside by the Rays (email to the editor May 19)

With all due respect, ma'am, you, your daughter, and her boyfriend all took a risk by attending the game. You go to a ball game with the understanding that baseballs and other objects might just enter the stands in the normal course of play. The Rays are not liable for any incidents taking place where a foul ball strikes a patron, as is stated on the back of your ticket. Could the employees who assisted you been more helpful? Sure, but they aren't responsible for an accident taking place.

I hope your daughter's boyfriend is okay and recovers quickly. I also hope you attend another Rays game. Baseball is a great game, and accidents such as this shouldn't keep you away from the ballpark.

Dallas Harper, Tampa

* * *

Does Congress really care?

Re: Greed rules at the gas pump (tbt* May 17)

According to this article, Wall Street investor Michael Masters has "testified before Congress repeatedly that speculators are pushing prices up well beyond what supply and demand would warrant." Apparently to deaf ears. So, the first thing we need to do is buy them all hearing aids. Second, we need to find politicians who care enough about Americans to actually do something about it. Or should we "speculate" that they do, as usual, care more about the "special interests." You get what you vote for.

Mike Chisler, Mango

* * *

Listen to a telemarketer

Re: Tele-harassment (email to the editor May 17)

I am a professional telemarketer who has worked at well-known companies in Tampa. It's just like anything else in life - the few shady companies ruin it for the ones that actually take the laws seriously. The companies I have worked for always enforce the do-not-call list. Thousands of people in the Tampa Bay area have a job because of this industry.

I am so tired of hearing people complain about telemarketers. Maybe you should open your mind and listen to what the person is saying (yes, it's a real person, another human being) and maybe you will find that what is being offered is something that could be of value to you. If not, you can always hang up - we are used to it!

Sherry Spencer, Tampa

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