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COOL CHANGE: It is time to switch to our cold water tactics this weekend. With a pretty significant cold front having moved in on Wednesday and a full moon on Saturday, the time is right.

CODE REDFISH: If you are brave enough to go out first thing in the morning, then you should have a pretty good redfish bite. The redfish have been tailing all over Weedon and Picnic islands on these negative tides. Use a one-eighth ounce jig head with your favorite soft plastic, whether it is a shad, shrimp, or worm because they have all produced. You will have to ease up on these fish, but you would be surprised how close you can get while they have their heads down forging. Just try to determine which way they might be heading and cast past and ahead of them.

BAIT: Remember to work the bait as slow as possible this time of year. I always tell my clients when you think you are working it slow enough, slow down even more. If you can't seem to initiate a strike, try switching to a scented plastic or add some aftermarket scented product to your favorite bait and present it the same way. Then let it sit there. They will find it.

STOUT TROUT: The trout bite will continue to be strong. Cold fronts do not seem to affect trout like it does the other inshore species. Start the day drifting the grass flats with a "popping cork" and artificial shrimp. Give yourself enough line between the cork and the hook so that you are just above the grass line on the bottom. The idea behind the "popping cork" is to make some noise and get the trout's attention. Trout will look up to see what all the commotion is and your bait will be hanging right in their face. Remember that trout season is still closed until Jan. 1 in the south region so you may want to bend down the barb on your hook.

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