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Shout for trout. Trout will be the fish to target the most this month. They are plentiful this time of year and are great to eat. Trout are a fun fighting fish and are pretty easy to catch. Use either a live shrimp or artificial bait under a popping cork. If you are going to use artificial try using a 1/8 jig head with a plastic shad or shrimp. Purple and pink colors seem to work the best this time of year.

Hot spots. The best results for trout have been on an outgoing tide. If the water drops then look for the trout to move into the shallower water to keep warm. Target the sand holes since this will hold heat. But if you are having trouble finding a trout bite I would set up a drift over the grass flats until you can locate them and then anchor down.

The hunt for redfish. With the low tides and clear water, you will want to sight cast tailing redfish. Redfish are very spooky this time of year so try and stay as far away as possible. If using shrimp then bite the tail off and it will put a nice scent in the water. If you can't seem to find the redfish on the flats I would move to the docks and deep mangrove lines. Toss a shrimp on a 1/0 hook and a small split shot up under the docks or mangrove line. Most of the reds are on the smaller size but every once in a while you will pull out a slot size fish.

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