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Florida reacts to the SOTU

Sen. Bill Nelson: I'm really looking forward to working with a lot of my colleagues in a bipartisan way and in a civil way on some of the more specific proposals that the President outlined tonight, like creating manufacturing jobs right here and bringing them back from overseas. It's about time we start seeing more things designed and produced by American workers - and stamped 'Made in the USA.' "

Sen. Marco Rubio: "I'm actually very disturbed by the speech tonight. The President is on the verge of committing economic malpractice. How does raising taxes create jobs? How does raising my boss's taxes help me keep my job? Why is he advocating policies that will punish people that are investing in American businesses that are creating middle class jobs? It just doesn't make a lot of sense. It's the kind of policies that have taken a bad economy over the last four years and made everything worse."

Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Miramar: "In order to tackle these challenges, we must ensure that everyone is paying their fair share. No more tax breaks for the wealthiest few while those struggling to make ends meet continue to be demonized and have the programs that provide invaluable services for their well-being slashed. One of the first actions that must be taken by Congress this year is to pass a long-term extension of the payroll tax cut and unemployment assistance. We must provide this much-needed assistance to the middle class and to those who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own so that they, too, can achieve the American dream.

Rep. Connie Mack, R-Fort Myers: "Despite unfulfilled promises and failed economic policies from previous State of the Union addresses, Barack Obama tried to use tonight's speech as a platform to boost his campaign, and Americans deserve better. America needs a Commander-In-Chief not a campaigner-in-chief."

Rep. David Rivera, R-Miami: "While Florida residents continue to struggle to improve their own economic situation, President Obama gives his third State of the Union address. During the last three years our nation's economy has worsened. The unemployment rate is higher than when President Obama was inaugurated and our national debt has grown to more than $15 trillion. Unfortunately, according to the President and Democrats in the Senate, the solution to these problems is not only more government participation in the private sector, but more government spending as a means to help an ailing economy. Meanwhile, today marks 1,000 days since the Democrat Senate passed a federal budget. That is no way to run a government, much less a country.'

Rep. Corrine Brown, D-Jacksonville: "Along with my colleagues in the Democratic Caucus, I believe that the number one priority remains, beyond a doubt, creating well paying jobs for the American people and making sure our nation's economy stays on the right track. That said, the majority of the legislation moving through Congress should be introduced to do exactly that: facilitate job creation and strengthen our country's middle and working class, not decimate health care reform or make drastic reductions to our education and transportation and infrastructure system, the main agenda item advocated by my Republican colleagues."

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, R-Miami: "President Obama says he agrees with restoring our economy, yet his actions prove otherwise. Last week he declined to approve construction of the Keystone XL pipeline project, denying at least 20,000 Americans a job. As he denies the private sector the opportunity to create jobs, President Obama gives his big money donors taxpayer-guaranteed loans for their 'green' energy firms, only to later declare bankruptcy and lay off a thousand workers. If President Obama wants 'an economy built to last,' his administration must stop bailing out his cronies, and allow the private sector to do what it does best: grow and create jobs."

Rep. Gus Bilirakis, R-Palm Harbor: "This country is at a crossroads and Washington must take bold steps to help return America to the prosperous nation that we all know, love, and deserve. While President Obama spoke eloquently tonight, it takes more than words to improve the economy and create jobs. We must work together to control our debt, increase certainty, simplify our tax code, and reduce red tape, and we must act immediately."

Posted by Alex Leary at 10:34:38 pm on January 24, 2012