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Just do it ... please

Study: Sluggard boss is likely grouchy boss

A Northern Illinois University researcher says regular exercise can help grouchy bosses be nicer to their employees. James Burton and his team said their study, published online in Springer's Journal of Business and Psychology, involved questionnaires of 98 MBA students and their 98 supervisors from two universities. Students were asked about supervisors' behavior and the answers were compared with the supervisors' answers about their exercise habits. The authors said they noticed a connection between negative behavior in bosses and lack of exercise. The conclusion: "It appears that the simple act of exercising minimizes the negative effects of supervisor workplace stress on subordinates."

Dog bites wallet

Meet the world's priciest wiener

The world's most expensive hot dog has recently debuted in Vancouver, B.C. The foot-long costs $100 but it's infused with cognac and topped with lobster and Japanese Kobe beef from hand-massaged cows. The inventor, restaurateur Dougie Luv, said his Dragon Dog contains 100-year-old Louis XIII cognac that costs more than $2,000 a bottle. The beef in which the dog is nestled is seared with olive and truffle oils, and it's all topped with lobster shreds and a secret picante sauce.

Animals in the news

Something's not right with this bird

Bird watchers in New Zealand were thrilled when they sighted hawks' pinkish-red plumage; they thought they had a new species. But the celebration ended when a driver hit one of the birds and found it just a regular hawk spray-painted, the Manawatu Standard reports. But, who? Why? The answer soon appeared on YouTube, where a clip showed a man catching a magpie in a trap covered in pinkish-red paint. Officials soon found farmer Grant Michael Teahan, who had been spray-painting birds and releasing them for fun since 2009. He was charged with mistreatment of animals. His home computer also contained an image of a cow spray-painted with "Merry Christmas".

Love? Phooey

Uzbekistanbans Valentine's

Authorities in Uzbekistan are, apparently, unwilling to give love a chance. The Russian news agency RIA-Novosti reported Tuesday that concerts and other events for Valentine's Day are canceled. Instead, residents in the capital of Tashkent can enjoy readings of poems by Mughal emperor Babur, who died in the 16th century. The antagonism in Uzbekistan toward the holiday is long-standing. Last year, the Turkiston newspaper described Valentine's Day as the work of "forces with evil goals bent on putting an end to national values."

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"A report says baby boomers are working longer and putting off retirement because they feel it's better to be busy. Plus they know they will be supporting their kids who will be living in their basement for the next 30 years."

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