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Cigarette Craving, and Stupidity, Lands Woman in Jail

An Osceola County woman, Joan Mayo, called emergency services six times and is still in jail for misusing 911.

"What's going on there ma'am?" the 911 operator asked.

"None of your business! Just send me a sergeant. It's none of your business! Why the hell are you so stupid?" Mayo replied.

Each time Mayo got connected to the 911 center in St. Cloud on Tuesday, she screamed profanities at dispatchers and berated them, according to

The police arrived on the scene, and determined she had no apparent reason to call the authorities; but her neighbors said there was a reason for her call. "She just wanted cigarettes. That's all she wanted. She wanted cigarettes," said her neighbor, Lillian Morales.

The final straw came when she dialed 911 a sixth time, while police were on the scene dealing with the situation.

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Posted by Times Editor at 4:39:19 pm on January 26, 2012