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Pasco School Board wants to get tough with charter schools

One thing stood out to Pasco County School Board members as they reviewed staff-generated annual reports on the county's charter schools: Several of the schools failed to submit required documents in a timely manner, or to meet all the obligations of their contracts with the school district.

"Do we have consequences that we are addressing?" board chairwoman Joanne Hurley asked the district staff.

Charter school supervisor Nancy Scowcroft said the district has sent numerous letters to the charter schools advising them of the problems. Some have responded, she said, while others did not.

Superintendent Heather Fiorentino added that she planned to improve the communications by personally sending warnings to the charter principals and their local board chairmen, to make clear the gravity of the problems. But she agreed that the School Board needed to set out clear rules for what the next steps should be if such failures to comply continue.

"We need to have that discussion," Hurley said in agreement. She asked the staff to schedule a workshop and make recommendations.

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Posted by Jeff Solochek at 11:25:38 am on January 26, 2012