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'Princess Bride' bobbleheads? Inconceivable!

Princess Bride headlines are easy to write. You either use "As you wish" or "Inconceivable" and you're pretty much set. Decide for yourself which wording belongs to these Princess Bride bobbleheads.

There are actually THREE SETS of Princess Bride bobbleheads. This particular one goes for $54. Says the vendor: "The Spanish swordsman Inigo Montoya, the scheming Sicilian Vizzini, or the one man brute squad from Greenland, Fezzik. Each highly detailed polystone bobblehead comes packaged in a full color window box. Inconceivably, each bobble head is also accurately scaled with its companions. Inigo stands 6 ¾ inches tall, Vizzini 6 inches and Fezzik a suitably gigantic 8.5 inches."

Find more Princess Bride collectibles at the official Princess Bride website, which I'm shocked to say actually exists.

Posted by Steve Spears at 5:52:05 am on January 26, 2012