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Reaction to Greg Schiano's move to Bucs

We spent the day talking to various people about Greg Schiano, and we've come up with several takes on Schiano the man and the coach. Here's a sampling of what we heard.

Jeremy Zuttah, former Rutgers lineman, current Bucs guard

On Schiano's coaching style:

"He really stresses doing things the right way, all the time. Not just when your coach is watching. He's just a great coach.

"I think with the attention to detail and doing things the right way, players know he's tough. But you know he cares, too."

On Schiano recruiting him (Zuttah had an offer from Ohio State, too):

"For me, the ability to do something special really appealed to me. We tried to put Rutgers on the map, and that's what we did."

"When he got there, they were plain losing. But he went in there with a plan. What he built there will last."

Dan Morgan, played under Schiano at Miami, remains a close friend

"He's going to be real upfront with them," said Morgan, now a scout with the Seahawks. "Guys are going to love playing for him. He'll be hard on you. But you're going to love him for it because he does it for the right reasons."

Mike McCartney, a player agent and former NFL executive (worked with Schiano with the Bears)

On gaining players' respect:

"He'll have command when he stands in front of that team. He'll have instant respect from those guys. And I know he'll have a plan and he'll stick to that plan. He's not going to deviate."

Tim Pernetti, Rutgers athletic director

On the job Schiano did at Rutgers:

"What I look at is all the stuff that he has done. I think this was the worst program in (major) college football 11 years ago.

"The culture change that people in college football said could never be done here, that's probably Greg's greatest attribute."

On how Schiano leaves the program:

"Those championships (Schiano promised) are down the road. . . This program is built. The people in the room are going to be the ones that make it happen. Those championships are ahead of us. I've never been more sure of that."

Jeremy Trueblood, Bucs right tackle

"I've always thought he was a good a coach. I remember when I was at (Boston College), he turned around Rutgers very fast. I'm excited to see where he leads us."

Posted by Stephen Holder at 8:56:55 pm on January 26, 2012