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Super PACs reshaping 2012 presidential campaign

By now, you've probably seen the political ad several times. "Think you know Mitt?" a narrator asks. "Think again."

The ad rips Mitt Romney as the inventor of government-run health care and uses old footage of him declaring, "I'm someone who is moderate and my views are progressive."

Appearing days before Florida's Republican presidential primary on Tuesday, the spot was created to benefit Newt Gingrich. Only Gingrich had nothing to do with it, let alone the millions to put it on air.

It's the latest salvo from a "super PAC," the political action committees that are dramatically reshaping campaigns and providing an outsized role for the wealthy, corporations and unions to influence the outcome.

"They're terrible," said political strategist Rick Tyler, an especially startling admission from the man who leads Winning Our Future, the super PAC behind the $6 million anti-Romney TV ad. (story here)

Posted by Alex Leary at 10:45:00 pm on January 26, 2012