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Published Jan. 27, 2012

The No Loves are a crunchy, heavily compressed, hi-octane punk band that delivers a sonic assault rendering all UV meters helplessly slammed in the red. The aural assailants are: Jim Putney on vocals and guitar, Curtis McCall on guitar, Steve Merkel on bass and Chuck Wood on drums.

On Friday, the No Loves will release a 12-song LP at the Local 662 in St. Pete. We sat down with Putney to talk about the upcoming release.

How long have the No Loves been together?

I've been playing in bands around here since I was a kid. When I was 17 or 18 I started playing with my best friend. We ended up being in a band together named Pull. We did a 7-inch for Stiff Pole Records in the early '90s. I (musically) come from the early '80s, late '70s scene, first wave, all those bands. So, right about '96 or so, we put the No Loves together.


(Laughs) Yeah, we went from '96 to '99, played some decent shows, opened for New Bomb Turks at the State Theatre. Probably the biggest thing we did back then. Typical stuff: The guys weren't getting along, so we parted ways around '99. I ended up putting a band together that would eventually become the Redliners. When that ran its course, we decided to play together again. Ever since 2003, we've been back at it. We started playing a lot of the old songs, and it seemed really natural to call it the No Loves. The band name already had some recognition - not a lot, granted, but a lot of people in the same circles we hang out in recognize the name, so it was a little easier to slide back into it.

Where do you see the No Loves in the pantheon of the Tampa-St. Pete scene?

The funny thing about it is, people that I know outside this music scene, if I tell 'em we're a punk rock band, that doesn't really do it justice, because we do take the listener to different places than just that. People have these preconceived ideas of what a punk rock band is. They picture someone shouting and screaming and everything like that. But we are musical. First and foremost, we are a rock and roll band. We fall into the punk rock category, but we can play and hang with other bands you wouldn't really consider punk rock bands. You can call it punk and roll. Even though our stuff is really heavy, melody is really important to me. I really go out of my way to make things catchy.

Now you've taken these ideas into the studio.

Yeah, we finally got around to recording a full-length record. We started in April 2010, at Zen Recording Studios in Pinellas Park. Our attitude was, instead of trying to sell our band to a label based on our demos, we decided to make the record we wanna make, and sell the record to whoever is interested enough to do it. We always knew all along that if we were happy with it, if we were making the music that we would want to listen to, that there was some label around that would feel the same way. That's where Stiff Pole comes in, the same label that we put the 7-inch on years and years ago.

It's come around full circle.

Its unbelievable how time flies by. The older I get, I realize that you have to take your opportunities. You're only young once. It doesn't bother me one bit how much money we spent. It did go over budget a lot, but we're happy. Now that we have this release, it gives us ground to stand on for whatever the next thing is. It's a lifelong journey. We're not gonna fool ourselves into thinking that putting this record out is suddenly gonna lead to big-time success. To me, the fact that I'm able to do it and play with guys that I enjoy playing with is success for me.

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The No Loves

The group performs with Doll Parts and Hot Mouth at 8:30 p.m. Friday at the Local 662, 662 Central Ave., St. Pete. For info, see