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Monday's 'Fear Factor' episode so vile, NBC almost didn't air it

Published Jan. 31, 2012

Put down your cheeseburgers and read carefully, dear readers, because The Juice* never condones watching Fear Factor, but especially not Monday night. That's because there's a stunt so bad, NBC considered actually not airing the episode. And if you think that means they wanted the contestants to do something disgusting, you'd be right.

TMZ says Monday's episode, approriately titled Hee Haw! Hee Haw!, had a challenge that required teams of twins to chug -- and we're sorry to tell you this -- glasses of donkey semen and urine. We'll give you a minute to digest that, while we continue to wonder if the recession has been so bad, people would actually be willing to do that for money.

The site says NBC executives had several meeting with producers after the episode was shot over the summer, but ultimately decided to air it. Maybe they decided having these idiots gulp down that stuff and then not even get on TV was too much to bear. Of course, we'd pay NBC to not show it, so it depends on your point of view.

[Photo: How could you do it, Joe? Getty Images]


Posted by Joshua Gillin at 3:15:47 pm on January 27, 2012